As I get this blog up and running, I feel a few disclaimers are necessary:

- The site is ugly right now.  I know it.  But since I'm writing about personal finance, I thought it was a little contradictory to preach the virtues of saving and then plunk charges for a shiny blog facelift onto my credit card.  So ugly it is, until I can afford to design it in the way I'd like.

- That said- this site may contain affiliate links (blog posts will contain a disclaimer at the bottom).  All funds generated through affiliate advertising will go directly back into supporting this site (and hopefully giving it a facelift soon!).


- I have a degree in finance and have spent 10 years as a financial analyst in Corporate America, but I am NOT any type of registered or licensed investment professional.  All information contained within this site reflects personal views, experiences, and opinions.  Need some really serious financial help?  I'd love to help you research a few professionals to contact.

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