Monday, February 3, 2014

Suggested Reading List Now On Amazon

Hello friends!

I wanted to draw your attention to the Amazon Store I've created for the Let's Talk Money, Honey blog.  I've added my *favorite* personal finance books to the store - I've read each of these cover to cover at least 3 times, some as many as 15!  They contain a wealth of great information, and more importantly, are easy to read and digest for those of you who aren't as comfortable with the topic of personal finance.  After all, that's what this blog is all about, right?  Making personal finance easier to understand, so we can gain control over our finances!

I highly recommend picking up at least one, but love all 4 for different reasons.  As a helpful start, I'd suggest the following:

-- Dave Ramsey for EVERYONE

-- Smart Women for EVERYONE (I was 19 the first time I read it, so don't think you have to be further along in life for the information to count!)

-- Smart Couples for the married/engaged folks in the audience (can be redundant to the Smart Women book, just an FYI)

--  The Automatic Millionaire as a secondary inspiration book for those of you who have finished Dave Ramsey and a Smart book (spoiler alert- the first chapter of Automatic Millionaire is maybe my favorite chapter of any book EVER.  So cool.)

I'll be talking about these books often as we dive into the details of our personal finance journey here, and will continue to add and discuss books I find helpful as I discover them.  If you have a personal finance you've read and highly recommend, please use the contact form at right to email me!


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  1. I am going to check these out from the library, the audio versions, I am supposed to be studying for the damn CPA exams which leaves no time for any other reading.....someone just checked out Smart Women (a fellow blog reader?!) but I'm excited to supplement my normal car fluff with these!

    I do feel a little guilty for not contributing to the prettiness of the blog.....